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More about Hasbro Transformers Last Knight Premier Leader Class Optimus Prime, Hasbro Transformers Last Knight Premier Leader Optimus Prime from Taiwan Diecast Toy Suppliers and Manufacturers.The addition of chromed bits adds to the presentation greatly.

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Optimus Prime is the best leader an Autobot can ask for, and the worst nightmare a Decepticon can imagine.The desire that burns brightest in his Spark is that the war will soon end.

U.F.O. Unknown Fory Originals UFO Annular Trailer for Leader Class Optimus Prime. \r\rThis set relives the scene with the weapons armory that Optimus Prime broke out in Transformers Dark of the Moon.Here is a picture of the original Leader Class Optimus Prime from Hasbro: Here is my custom version of the figure.

In his first appearance in the old Beast Wars cartoon, the shields are mounted on his shoulders, but later on, they become part of his forearms.Combiner Wars Optimus Prime can be considered a big voyager and personally, the size of these two really works as I always prefer the bad guy to be bigger.Great condition leader class Optimus Prime, first release from the 2007 movie.

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Transformers Cybertron leader class loose Optimus Prime Wingblade custom.

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This is the version B that is 1cm longer than the original model.

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I am a bit confused as how to really equip his blast shields.

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Nicely ratcheted joints are used that hold their positions well, but these ratchets do slightly interfere with finesse posing.Hasbro recently sent a bunch of sites the new Leader Class Optimus Prime so that they could get a hands-on review of it.

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In general the toy looks about the same but it appears the transformation has been modified just a touch a lot.Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Leader class Optimus Prime is a solid toy.

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Download our files and build them with your lasercutter, 3D printer, or CNC.

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The movie Optimus Prime took a drastic turn in the way the famous Autobot Leader was designed.The figure looks very nice and impressive with a very nice G1 retro style.Via Weibo user Notrab we have our first Power Of The Primes Leader Class Optimus Prime In-Hand Photos.Specializes in custom Transformers leader class toys of ROTF, DOTM Optimus Prime, Megatron, Blackout, Starscream, Cliffjumper Shockwave, Arcee and Sentinel.

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Hasbro tacks on a bunch of accessories to inflate the price people were already complaining about. While.

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Instead, Optimus Prime is sproting the body of the inner voyager from the leader class Ultra Magnus.